Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer English Has Begun

Written May 31st: This past week I had to do some planning. I've been celebrating that Leif's school is out. But that's not entirely true. His Day Job is over. But that doesn't mean that school is over. Leif and I are both taking Summer Courses online this summer. Classes start tomorrow. Leif just finished a really fun class called "Foods of the US." That was so fun! One of his text books was a great cookbook and the class compiled a fun collection of recipes by the end of class. I love when you can walk away from a class and feel like it made a difference. This next round of classes Leif will have one English class and I will have two English classes. It will keep us on our toes!

When Leif and I both have classes, in order to meet every one's needs and keep things afloat organization is a requirement. So, this is what I have come up with for our Summer Routine.... June 2nd: Just Kidding! I was going to copy and Paste the schedule that I made up onto this post. But some how it didn't get saved on to my computer. Luckily I printed it off. It basically keeps us all in order and reminds us to pray, read our scriptures, have family time, do our homework, get up in the morning, eat, and go to bed at night. Not too crazy.

So far things are going alright. But that's not saying too much, Leif's parents have had Jakob with them all day. So I was able to do school work all day. So I'll keep you posted on the realities of our world as it evolves.

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Patricia Potts said...

Wow Lena. I have a hard time keeping up and I don't have half the demands as you do. wow

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