Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Stay Tuned

Well, last night we prepared the yard for Sod. It was a lot of work! I have some fun pictures I'll share later. Tonight after Leif gets off work we'll lay the sod. So it should be really neat! So, Stay Tuned!


Sandra said...

Ohh I wanna see pictures.

Amy and Kris said...

That is so fun to be getting sod!! It was a great day when we got our yard in a few years ago! Good Luck & congrats! I know its a lot of work!

Dynamic duo said...

Yard work is hard! But it is so fun and worth it. Once you're done or moved along in the work, there is noticable difference and you can just relax knowing you are that much closer! Love it.

Hope you are well. Take care of you. Talk to you soon.

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