Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Can He Really Be Turning 3!?

Yes! My Caleb is turning three years old. Things have been interesting with this birthday. I'm a bit weepy about the whole thing. My babies are growing up. And it's not like all of the other birthdays where I know that another baby is just around the corner. As a result I've just ended up avoiding the whole thing. I've done well about talking to him and helping him try to grasp the concept that he has a birthday coming up and now when I ask him how old he is he's going to say "I am 3 Years Old!" But I've slacked on the birthday party and it won't be until next weekend. Funny, I know...

Ah my sweet Caleb! He's been snuggly lately. He only wanted ME today after nap, NO ONE else. Yep! I felt loved.;) Oh how I love this special spirit. We will celebrate him tomorrow. We are so very grateful to have him. He was healing for this mama's soul during a tender time. Mama's Bright Eyes... Love Him!
From Mama's Bright Eyes
From Mama's Bright Eyes
From Mama's Bright Eyes


Molly said...

It's hard to believe our little ones turn(ed) three this week. My little one was so excited. She just kept saying, "It's my birthday, I'm three. You sing happy birthday to me. I have presents." She was so funny about the entire thing. I don't do birthday parties. They are too much work and I don't enjoy them. My older kids, if they want a party, do a lot of the planning themselves. My two youngest have never had a "birthday party" with friends. We just make the day special at home and call it good.

Happy birthday, Caleb!

Rhonda said...

It only gets better! My babies are growing too! One more graduation next month, making two. It is amazing to watch your children grow up into young women (or men). They grow into talents and opinions (which aren't always welcome!). They grow into testimonies and friendships. It is truly amazing to be a mom and know that I had something to do with this. I will have 4 out of 6 in (or out) of high school, which brings tender memories of how it used to be, but watching them mature and grow is the most awesome thing in a mom's life. Enjoy it! It does go fast, but it is worth it!

Lena Baron said...

Thank you Dear Ladies! Rhonda, it's so fun to hear from you after so long. Please stay in touch! Thanks for your words of wisdom and love!

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