Monday, April 04, 2011

Can Being Grateful Really Help Me? Yes! Here's How.

I need the blessings that come through expressing gratitude tonight. As I was pondering the subject of gratitude I came upon a wonderful article written by a LDS Psychologist. He talks about how and why expressing gratitude can in a very real way ease the burden (physical, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) of Depression and/or Anxiety.  The Article is titled The Value of Experiencing and Expressing Gratitude, BY VAUGHN E. WORTHEN, PH.D.  Associate Director, Counseling and Career Center, Brigham Young University

" Current case studies and research show that cultivating and practicing gratitude can reduce symptoms in cases of mild to moderate depression and anxiety. Practicing gratitude can also lead to increases in optimism, vitality, happiness, a sense of well-being, and a greater satisfaction with life. 4 Grateful people tend to generate more positive memories, reminding them of the good in their lives. 5 Those with higher levels of gratitude are viewed as more empathetic and supportive, more forgiving, and more likely to assist others. 6 Grateful people also report feeling less envious and more generous with their possessions. They thus enjoy better quality relationships. 7
Gratitude also helps in coping with adversity. Those who practice it in times of adversity are more likely to seek and find a “silver lining” in their experiences. 8 Finally, those who try to feel greater levels of gratitude report fewer physical complaints, more time spent in physical exercise, and better sleep duration and quality." 
 Yes, I need these blessings tonight!
I love the Blue Sky and the Sunshine! I love that Caleb's word for Outside is "Sun." I too Love the Sun/Son! I am so grateful for the ability to go walking again. For the strength to get out the door. For the weather that invites us out, for the friend who is motivated with me. Thank You Father for this!
I am so glad that I can count on the many fruits and vegetables available to me not to cause me uncomfortable side effects from eating them. I am so so glad that my children appreciate and are excited about eating an orange a banana or a salad. Thanks You For This!
I am so very very grateful that the house is quiet at the moment. The children are asleep and ahhh, I can regroup. Peace and Quiet. Thank You For This!
Thank You Father for inspiring us to make the small sacrifice for a comfortable mattress. Oh how it helps during times like this. Thank You For This!
And Thank You Dear Father for pain and confusion. For it only brings me unto thee. Thank You Dear Father For THIS!  

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Sandra said...

I completely see how gratitude can help us emotionally. Thinking about my many blessings has really helped me with my post partum.

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