Saturday, June 11, 2011

"Plans" Clarification

For those of you who are wondering what happened to our "plans" and what we're now "planning" I will give a few details with the understanding from myself as well as from my readers that plans are just that, Plans. A map is made only AFTER the road has been paved.

The nursing program that Leif was going to start this Fall canceled their program, So this has set us back a whole year. In the mean time, Leif will try to build his resume for his future Masters program by getting his EMT training, being a volunteer fire fighter, and a massage therapist. Next fall Leif will start a nursing program somewhere and we have to figure out how to pay for it. No, a Federal loan is not an option for Leif at this point. I really don't want to go into that much detail as to why that is the case. Let's just say we're trying to find scholarships, build Leif's massage practice, and if all else fails I will have to go to school steadily while he goes through nursing school and my fed loans will pay for my schooling and his schooling. But I REALLY don't want to do that because that will cause a lot of added stress on the family. So, pray for us!

And that's the plan.

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