Saturday, March 10, 2012

Thinking About the Future

I found the above quote on google and I could relate...

Someone told me today not to stress about Leif's one year absence from the family until it is here. In fact, I've heard it a few times. And every time it is said, the person advising me is right. I shouldn't stress about things that I fear will happen, but might not... But I still do. Every day is different. Some days it's just a passing thought here and there. Some days are terrible and I can't think of anything else. Some nights I crawl in bed and it's not on my mind. Other nights I soak Leif's shoulder with tears.

My biggest fears stem from my concerns about being alone during the Summer break with all of the kids at home.

We have also just finished up with a really hard week at the public school (more on that subject later) so I couldn't but but battle an internal struggle about home schooling next year. 

There is a lot to write about and, think through. But this is good enough for now. G'Night All!


Sandra said...

Uh oh I hope everything is okay with the school. I'm sure it's hard not to think about him leaving. If it were me it would be on my mind daily. Kevin once told me that fear is the opposite of faith and that has helped me. Hugs

Harmony said...

Faith vs Fear is one of the hardest challenges we face here on earth. I struggle a lot with that. We are here for you too. Even if we sell the house we will come stay the day with you when you need us. Waiting to hear what happened at school too.

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