Saturday, March 24, 2012

Time to Gather a Few Thoughts: Preparing - Chronic Epstein Barr Virus - Bully - Growing Up

WRITTEN Tuesday March 20, 2012
So much is happening in our life. Every day a list of things come and go, and some things stay the same. Today Leif walked in from work and he had "the look" in his eyes. Kind of an eyes glazed over- brain overfloweth - kind of look.  There is just so much to do in the moment and for the future... Maybe that's what has kept me away from the blog ever since we found out for sure Leif will be leaving for Flagstaff. There is so much that even I can't find the words to make it make sense. And blogging usually helps me with that sort of thing. So let's see how I can get as much information in this post in as little time as possible. I guess I'll just have to go by name. Not creative, but hey it works.

Leif is wrapping up the sale of his business (Desert Spring's Day Spa) to one of the therapists who work with him. We're very grateful for the ease of this transition and the huge blessing that it will be for us. There's a lot to do to make things official as well as keeping the every day business going. He will officially turn over ownership on April 1st and work as an independent contractor through April. Leif is still working with the EMT's and trying to support the Fire Department in between it all. Not to mention all that he does to help me. I have a huge list of "Honey-Do's" for him to check off before his departure in May. Along with all of this Leif's trying to find housing for the year in Flagstaff and working on all of the paperwork and medical checkups and immunizations required before he starts the nursing program. And don't forget taxes... Seriously, I don't know how he does it!?

Me? Well... Let's see... I have been down with a terrible flare up for just over a week. I was finally able to run a couple of errands and get half of my house cleaned up today. So that shows me that I'm getting better. It was very hard for me not only physically to be down this time, but harder emotionally, because I have Leif's departure staring me in the face. I admit that I did break down this week. In fact, I have cried more in the last few weeks then in the last several years combined. But let's not get too deep into those details. I will just say that I came face to face with my fears as well as my faith and I will choose faith. I have absolutely no idea exactly how I am going to face the day to day grind when Leif is gone. But I know I WILL get through it. I know... I just don't know how. And for someone who is a planner and an analyzer, that much unknown is extremely difficult. I am grateful for the sure knowledge that I have that after all that I can do, He will make up the rest. Thank you Dear Father!

On the health front this flare up was a tough one. But luckily it hasn't lasted very long. The symptoms are very similar to a bad case of Strep Throat. I get this certain flare up a few times a year, more or less. But every time I get a Strep test it's negative. So I don't go every time anymore. A while back they started testing me for Mono. That was negative as well. But the Epstein Barr Virus is always flagged high. Some doctors don't look at that as a factor because everyone has that virus' antibodies as an adult. But this flare up I went to a different doctor and he told me he thinks I have a chronic case of Epstein Barr Virus. That just means that I get the symptoms of Mono as random flare ups. But without the contagious factor or the length of time that Mono lasts. It was nice to get a diagnosis even if it's not very good or anything that I can fix. I went to my regular doctor and he had a 3rd year med student working with him that day and she told me that the University of Utah has a special study or department for the Epstein Barr Virus. So my doctor is working on getting me a referral to see them. It will be an answer to many prayers if everything works out and I can get in to see a few specialist that can give me some answers.  Even if they say I'm a Hypochondriac I will just be happy that I finally had a few experts review my health history and give me their thoughts.

Jakob's doing well. He really enjoys school. Of course his favorite subject is recess:) As far as I can tell he is up to the average reading level for his grade and he is doing well in math. Jakob did have a boy who was bullying him during recess for a couple of months. We tried to help him from a distance in hopes that the boy would get the hint and leave Jakob alone. But when the boy started making threats and using more mean behavior  instead of annoying chasing we stepped in. We talked to the school administration and they handled it quickly and completely. The week that it all went down was a really hard week for me as a previous home school mom. It is hard to send my children out into the unknown. Bullying and death threats were on the top of the list of reasons we home schooled. But Jakob was almost oblivious to the malice...

(Leif taking over a couple days later)

Lena's tired.  That darn flare up is really getting her down at times.

Hmmmmm,   more children....O'yes....Caleb and JJ

Caleb is going through a not very fun stage.  It's only has lasted a several months so far.  I think it is the belated terrible twos that we all hear about.  With Jakob it wasn't until he was three, now I think is has caught Caleb.  Nothing to extreme, just a mixture of pure mischievousness and being absolutely cute.  Disobedience, fits and tantrums followed by the sweetest " Wuv you papa..."

This one has the same mixture but is more heavily weighted to the cute side.  He is almost always the cutest most adorable child you can think of, with only an occasional teasing streak.

Well that's about it....I guess I let Lena proof read it and post it.  Talk to you all later!!


Harmony said...

Sorry to hear about the bully. That was one of the things going on with Dallon. I really hope you do get in with the specialists. It would be wonderful to finally know what it is. Let me know if you hear of any good jobs in the area we are interested in possibility. I will email you later.

Heidi Hamilton said...

Oh, my dear friend, I'm so sorry about the fears & tears. Jason & I are going to be apart for the next 2 weeks & I'm kind of freaking out just for that short time frame, so I can only imagine what you're going through. Our prayers will definitely be with you as you continue to prepare for this time & hopefully your health will return to full capacity. Sure love you guys!!

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