Tuesday, May 22, 2012

General Conference With Little Boys

General Conference weekend is a big deal for our family. We have traditions that have just stuck over the years and I am really grateful that. Leif and I are thankful for the chance to be edified and counseled by our leaders and the boys enjoy the feeling of the spirit and the fun that we try to incorporate into the weekend.  It seems that every year I learn something new about helping the boys sit through the hours and I pick and choose from the successes of the past years. This year Jakob was 7, Caleb was barely 4, and JJ was 1 year old.

This session's traditions consisted of:
  • A Conference Tent
  • Treats passed around according to the matching picture of the apostle speaking (each bag had a photo on it.)
  • Conference Bingo
  • Conference Packets for Jakob
  • Rice/mixed pasta and a few bowls and cups to pour back and forth (this was a huge mess but a huge attention keeper!)

1 comment:

Sandra said...

Ohhh I like the idea with the treat with apostle picture on it. You're nicer than me, I wouldn't dare give my kids rice. It's hard enough to give it to them in a meal, they get it everywhere!

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