Monday, May 28, 2012

We Are Well!

Starting June 1st I will be posting regularly. I'm not sure exactly what my plan is going to be. I want to keep a better record of this time in our life. But, like everything else right now, I feel like it needs to be thought out, well planned, and organized. So, that's that. I'm thinking about it...:)

Behind the scenes we are doing well. Father has blessed us in so many ways that I can't begin to name them. The most profound blessing is is regards to my health. I have a renewed strength that I haven't had in a very long time. I do still have bad days that are very shocking for me. They remind me of how blessed I have been and give me a chance to reflect on my faith and dependence on the Lord. I pray that this strength continues!

Leif is doing well in school and he enjoys learning so many new things every day. He has been able to come home for the past two weekends. However, we don't expect him home again until the Independence Day holiday.  But we will talk on the phone and Skype in the meantime and be grateful for technology that keeps us following a pretty close to normal family routine.

The boys are doing well for the most part. Surprisingly they don't voice their feelings about missing Papa as often as I thought they would. Jakob will mention it every once in a while and it pulls on my heart strings. But Caleb and JJ don't voice anything directly. However, Caleb has definitely started to whine and throw more fits and I think it might be related to a bit of emotional/change overload.  JJ throws terrible tantrums. Mostly when he wakes up from a nap. Luckily I think I am figuring out how to curb the drama. First I make sure he's not overly hungry. Then I remember that Papa snuggled him a lot more then I did before he went to school. So I force myself to stop and take the time to hold JJ for a little while with his blanket and binky and he seems to calm. Otherwise, I just put him back in bed and tell him I'll be back when he's done. It usually doesn't take me coming back and forth more then three times. Usually. :)

The kittens are growing up. But they are still so tiny and incredibly adorable. I feel like they are a little gift for me as a distraction. I dote on them throughout the day. But they also keep me company and occupied in the evenings when I could otherwise become too lonely. I am so grateful for their sweetness!

Life is good. It's not easy, but it is good and I am so grateful for our blessings. We are well!


Melissa F said...

Hang in there! I'm sure it's hard with Leif gone. I hate having Daddy away on a work trip and a couple of months ago he was called to be bishop so it almost feels like he's always on a work trip. :) It's rough, but you can do it! Sometimes I think we need reminders we can do hard things and unfortunately have to learn it by doing hard things. And of course we have our bad moments along the way, but they are to keep us humble and trying. Best of luck!

Lena Baron said...

Thanks Melissa, It's good to hear from you!! Good Luck to YOU!

Sandra said...

That's so good that the kittens keep you company. I hope things continue to look up :)

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