Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Time With My Favorite Person + Such Great News!

I have been looking forward to this week for a while. Tuesday I drove ALONE to Flagstaff for a Head Start conference. Conveniently, my hotel and all expenses are paid for. So Leif and I have been able to make it a little much needed get-away with each other. And believe me, it has been wonderful!

As you may have noted we were in Flagstaff last week with the kids taking Jakob to doctors appointments. Within the hour that I left Flag with the kids I posted a short ad on Craigslist. I simply said that we needed a place for Leif to live Full Time that allowed myself and the kids to stay when we needed to come in to Flagstaff. I said our small budget and very briefly mentioned that we would be coming often for medical appointments for our son.  My faith was being tested at the moment, and I am sad to say that I didn't think anyone would respond, let alone the RIGHT person. Well, guess what!? He did! We have been blessed!

Leif and I went to meet with a man that has a very nice four bedroom furnished house. He rents out three of the bedrooms and the fourth is a guest bedroom! Seriously! And the rent is very very reasonable! He (and the house mates) have agreed to let myself and the kids use the guest bedroom when we come in to town. We could not feel more blessed!!

I know that prayers are heard. It is very hard to wait for the answers to come sometimes. But I know that they do come!


Janee said...

AHHHHHH that's so wonderful! Yay! We should be coming up soon so keep me posted on when you'll be there next :)

Faith 'n Family said...

Congrats Lena! That is Such Great News!

Sandra said...

That is great!

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