Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Little Update

WOW! It's hard to believe that we're under one month on our count down to Leif's graduation from the nursing program. So many days - so many stories - so quickly passed! Truly, I am in awe at how fast the time has flown. There were few easy days. But many good days. And several hard days. And every day I have been carried or my burdens have been lightened. Of this, I have no doubt!

My life is not easy. I know, that is a pretty lame statement. Who's life is easy, right?  Well, for lack of better words at the moment I chose those words. Simply because they are true.  I wish I could have and would have written daily during this past year. But unfortunately, many of the days I just couldn't. I have started to get headaches on a daily basis. Many times they are aggravated by the computer screen. Reading has become an issue as well. I'm hoping to overcome these obstacles. But I thought I'd share the reality in the meantime.

My health has become an all encompassing issue these days. If you know me, or read through my blog at all you will catch on to the fact that this isn't unusual. Being sick takes it's toll after a while. Leif and I had a good talk the other day about my life and my health and how it all works together. Sometimes (understandably so) Leif gets overwhelmed with all of the symptoms of illness and my desire to define them and fix them. Gratefully (so very gratefully) Leif has been blessed with health and strength. He is rarely sick, and when he is, he struggles. During this particular conversation I asked Leif to take some time to think about what he feels when he is sick. And then to imagine feeling that way every day for years. I added that some months, weeks, and days are better or worse then others. But he could never feel strong enough. Could never feel completely whole. And then I added to the imagination that he still had to meet all of his responsibilities. All of his chores had to get done. And the family was still relying on him to care for them.  Truthfully, Leif didn't really require the visual in order to understand. Thank Heavens he didn't ask me to walk the last several years in his shoes. I may have just gone out to dig a hole for myself. The poor man has to deal with all of his stresses and then he's stuck with a chronically ill wife on top of that.

I don't even know why I'm carrying on about this. I guess just to give an update. But I have to quite soon. My eyes are starting to throb. So let's turn this in to bullet points:

Has done Very well in his schooling!
Is enjoying his clinical time in the hospital three days each week.
Is looking forward to graduating and moving on to start his career.
Spends the days that he's not at the hospital working with Lena to pack up and prepare for the move.

LENA: Ideally,
Spends 1/3 of her time caring for the family and home
1/3 of her time organizing and packing
1/3 of her time resting and sleeping
At this point, the conclusion between the doctor and Leif/Lena is that Lupus is the illness; along with the Pituitary tumors, etc.

Is doing very well in school and has a wonderful teacher!
Still Loves to learn all that he possibly can about history and science.
Looks forward to the move (most of the time.)

Has progressed Leaps and Bounds this year while attending Head Start Preschool.
Loves all Might Machines (construction equipment)
Loves being with Jakob.
Just turned 5 years old!

Is growing up Way Too Fast! My little baby is a little boy!
Is a smart little man!
Has a priceless smile and laugh!

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