Saturday, April 13, 2013

Foto Friday November 2012

November is a blur of life changing moments and loneliness. Filled with moment of reflection and gratitude for the reminder of how precious every day together should be. Leif focused on finishing up with his semester  in November with the plan that he would drive home the night after finals and we would begin our holiday break resting and recuperating together at home. And then the real plan was laid out suddenly and without notice. November 20, 2012 marked the tragic loss of our family member and friend Lucy Heaton who was killed in a car accident. We spent a couple of days with loved ones trying to wrap our heads around such a tragedy only to face another one.  November 22, 2012 marks the terribly sad loss of Leif's cousin Jannette Baron Andersen who died of complications due to Leukemia. We traveled to Brigham City for her funeral. Overall, November was kind of sad and filled with sickness to boot. Gratefully, our dear Home Teacher/Friend cut down a Christmas Tree for us and delivered it to our door. It was Perfect and so Needed!
        The first photos are of us at Leif's house in Flagstaff. Second group are of our Christmas Tree and the boys opening up their traditional Christmas books as we decorate the tree. Third group are  moments of Good Times. Then a couple of the headboard and window box weathered wood project I finished. And finally the photos of two wonderful angels.


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