Saturday, May 15, 2021

Joshua Is Sick. Autoimmune ?🤷‍♀️

So little man is home. Not in the hospital. He's been having strange intense dizziness, stomachaches, headaches, and body aches that have come and gone for the last two weeks. Two nights ago after 3 days of playing in the sunshine he started in with a low grade fever and it all intensified. I took him to his pediatrician. She ordered a huge list of blood work. They drew as much as they could for his little body without an IV to replenish.  She's thinking possibly rheumatoid arthritis/autoimmune brought on by the Mononucleosis virus had two months ago. But the nerve racking thing is this all started on a night that he had rolled down a really big hill at the park. So we have to rule out traumatic brain injury since I didn't see him rolling and may have missed something. The pediatrician told me to take him to the children's ER yesterday for a faster scan. After 5 hours of waiting in the ER. And absolutely ZERO testing, The very rude doctors came in to tell me they can't do MRIs from the ER. Unless their admitted (she didn't say that last part.) Because she didn't want me pushing for admission. But I did anyway. But she refused. It was utterly exhausting, frustrating, and PTSD triggering (a different story for a different time!!) So Monday we'll start the process of detective work on what's going on. Until then, Leif had InstaCart deliver yummy ice cream for Joshua and I to eat for dinner.💗💗💗

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