Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Leif just left to go back to San Fran to work. Every time he goes back feels like I'm coming off of a high. The rest of the day I'm just in bed, vegging. I'm exhausted! And sad. But I totally keep a wall up and distract myself from thinking about that. Thank Heavens he is able to come back every few days. We've experienced worse. Weeks and months apart with no visits are a lot harder. But it's still hard!
Today we were going to get the house tidy before he left. Instead we ended up researching about a house we're interested in. It has SEVEN bedrooms!! It's in a totally different place then where we've been looking. But still drivable distance to work for Leif. It's in Marysville CA. Right next to Tuba City. 
I just sent a link of the house to my family. That was a mistake. I was not thinking straight. I was excited and wanted to share. Not thinking about how outrageous it seems to my family financially and all that the house has, a pool and basketball court. Let's just say I'm not getting a lot of constructive enthusiasm. So that's a bummer. But, what do ya do?🤷‍♀️ it's hard to understand how and why we stay in CA to our family's. Well, my mom actually just said she loves it! So there's that.😁💗
Ok I'm exhausted! Time to find some distraction. 

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