Saturday, May 08, 2021


Just a quick update as I try to wake up and hit the ground running. Here's a few pictures to show that we're still having fun through all the crazy of life. 
Leif is still working in Travel Nurse Management in San Leandro. He travels back and forth to us 7 hours one way. He works 3 twelve and is home 4 days(ish) 1/2 of that is driving. He's definitely proved his love to us with all these miles. We cherish our time together. 💗
We are down to the final days before we close on the sale of our home here in Huntington Beach. We will be moving up to northern California. We have to be out by May 28th. No we have not finalized on a home up north yet. We are putting down an offer on a nice one this weekend. But the market is incredibly competitive and it will be in the Lord's hands and plan from there. We will stay in a vacation rental until we get a house.
My health is holding strong enough and I feel blessed with the strength to do what I need to do. Praise Be for that! All of the kids are finally back into school full time. Jakob is Amazing at pull vaulting in track and field. Caleb is doing well in middle school and his teacher's love him. He is also the president of his Deacons quorum at church. JJ loves working on the farm at school and is back to playing games in soccer. He's a great contributor to the team. Joshua is as cute and active as ever. He is doing Fantastic with his speech and physical therapy. We can't wait to get him a yard to play in.💗

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