Friday, February 09, 2007

Family Update

February 6, 2007

Good Morning Family,

I decided to write since I know you're busy and sometimes I'm just not in the mood to call, or my phone is dead...

We all just had breakfast together and Leif's getting ready for work. He's working for the eye doctor again for the time being. As soon as we have other options; or we don't need to work there, he won't. He also works in the Real Estate office. ITV is still bringing in money and still seems to be bringing in more each check. So that's nice! He tested for the police job and he and the other guy he tested with were both a 50/50 chance. The only thing the other guy has that Leif wasn't a bit better at was his passion for police work. Otherwise, Leif was a bit better at everything. They'll present the results to the city council and we'll know by Valentines day. It's a hard thing though... we really don't know what to think or do about the job. The academy is in Phoenix and it is NASTY! I couldn't go... and the work environment isn't the best. But we are responsible, knowing that the medical benefits are unbeatable and the stability is very much needed! So, we pray, wait, and leave it up to the Lord... Leif just came out of the shower and told me that if they offer the job, we will take it! I'm with him on the decision. This also means that I will be traveling a lot during the 4 months he is gone. He will be home on the weekends, so I will try to be home then as much as possible. But from March 12-July 12th I will want to travel out to visit people and do things. We get paid while he's in the academy, so that will make it all possible. Let me know if you guys have any fun plans during that time-frame.

We've been exercising and eating really well, we're both on our way down on the scale. So that's really nice! As soon as we get money I want to do a whole foods program that has wonderful results! I've met with a doctor/naturalist and will be meeting with her regularly for a while. She has a very good head on her shoulders and her techniques work for me.

I've also been working on a compilation of natural healing herbs and supplements. It's been really neat! I'm creating a website so I can earn money selling some of the products. Speaking of which, Mom, Jason wants you to call him and talk about helping him get some Amoryn, the natural supplement to Paxil that I'm taking. It works for me. He's interested. Dad, please show mom the website,

Jakob is doing well. He's fun as ever! Healthy, eating, getting more color as we're outside more, and working on being "a good friend" as he plays with all of the little kids in the neighborhood.

We're all doing pretty good. I'm doing good most of the time. There are just some moments still, where I look forward to being Great! But anyway...

I just wanted to let you know we're thinking about you. Hope all is well!


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