Friday, February 09, 2007

Offered a job by the Multi-Million Dollar Man in town

It feels good to have this blog updated! Now I'll be able to write in it each day and not have to play catch up. Well, life just got brighter today! Leif called me this afternoon and he ended up being offered a job as a real estate project manager by the "Million Dollar Man" in town. This man owns several subdivisions in Kanab and is in the process of developing several for Fredonia. Leif has been doing what he can to show this man that he has what it takes to work for him. I thrilled to say that Leif's brown nosing worked! It's the Law of Attraction; or, the classic "Ask and ye shall recieve!" He will start in the Summer. Leif was just chatting with him today about a few ideas that he (Leif) has, and the man offered him a job. What a Blessing!

We are celebrating with ice cream and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies today. I'm glad to say the ice cream didn't end up being as good as I like. So... I won't eat as much. I've been walking every day. I love the girls that I walk with. But I sure wish that I could get over the weight platau that I'm on. I can't wait to start The Pampered Chef so I can earn some money! I really want to do the Colenix Cleanse. Then I want to buy Maca Root. And I want to start the Whole Foods Farmacy program as SOON as I can!!! I really think that will all help! The cleanse will make it so my body will absorb all of the nutrients, the Maca will balance all of my hormones and chemicals in my body, and the raw foods will retrain my system to be able to eat correctly and feel satisfied. And in the meantime, I'm sure I'll loose weight.

I'm still working on my website the site address will be I'm so excited to publish the site! I feel really good about the content of the site as well as the products that I feature. I hope everyone else enjoys it too!

Jakob is working on potty training himself. He is so awesome! I just have to remember that as long as I let things go at his pace and everything will work out right. As long as I'm in tune with his signals I am able to follow his lead. Now I just let him tell me when he feels like sitting on the toilet and I don't force it. Sometimes he goes, and sometimes he doesn't. Either way, I'm not training myself to tell him to go, he's training himself as he trys to tune in to his body. It's fun. No worries especially since he's only 2 1/2.

I just have to make a note, ice cream is TERRIBLE for us! That is so frustrating! I just ate a bowl full, and now I have a headache! UGG!

Well, I need to get back to working on my site...


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