Saturday, August 30, 2008

Let There Be Light

Today would be considered an excellent day! We did wake up tired from Caleb being awake a lot through the night. But we overcame that and plowed through the day and accomplished a lot!

The highlight of the day was just that, LIGHT! Leif installed three fluorescent lights throughout the house and it feels like a whole new home. I wonder if that is what helped me feel so good through the day. I was able to get the whole house straightened and organized. I;m so glad! This is the weekend before Jakob and I start school. So I really wanted to feel like the house is in order.

Leif also figured out what we're going to do for a ceiling. We are going to staple white flat sheets to the ceiling. We'll order them bulk online. It will be better then plastic. We also bought a sea foam paint roller. I am going to paint the walls next week. Leif said that he will put up the rest of the walls on Monday. So that means no more curtains breaking up the walls. We're going to put hinges on some of the panels so we can still use the space behind the walls as storage space.

We've saved a lot of money using these ideas. I'm really happy!!! Yesterday was a full day of running errands in SG and shopping. The highlight of the shopping "goods" was a memory foam mattress pad. When we purchased it I was worried that it was too frivolous of a purchase. But I think it might be heaven sent. I woke up last morning and this afternoon without any body aches. I usually feel pretty sore after sleeping. Especially after a night of getting in and out of bed all night. So maybe it was worth it. We got it at Costco for a pretty good deal... The other seal that we got was at the DI. We found the perfect office chair for me. It is completely cushioned (no bumped head for baby) It's height adjustable, and it's on wheels $3.50:)

Well, I got my school manuals, books, and supplies today in the mail. Honestly, when I opened the box I had a fear that maybe I was making a mistake. But as I started going through the box I began to feel like a little girl on Christmas who was getting exactly what she had hoped for! I am really excited!!!

Things are good. The kids have been sick and that isn't easy. But we're surviving!

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