Sunday, August 03, 2008

Hair Thing Is Normal: Body Type Tests And Research

I had heard that hair loss was normal after pregnancy. I've heard it now from a few of you. I don't remember it after Jakob or the twins. But I'm sick of it! The adrenal and thyroid glands are all related to hormones and chemicals in the body. Mine have been messed up for a long time. It's just really showing itself at the moment. I won't go into details, but the hair loss isn't the only thing. I'm not too focused on the problems, but I have had to take a minute and really do some health evaluation. Not just skim the surface with eating healthy and taking some good supplements. I needed to figure out what supplements to take. I already have a good knowledge base of what healthy eating is through trial and error. So I went on a quest.

I found some really good resources. These doctors and their websites really narrowed things down for me. Each of their sites have a short quiz for you to take that analyzes your health and gives you a good clues as to what the issue might be if you're just not feeling right. It's REALLY neat! I got the same results on all three tests. Severe adrenal fatigue and moderate thyroid fatigue. So, now I know and I'm on my way to feeling better. Here are the websites:

(Friends and Family) Let me know what your results are and I'll give you an idea of what supplements I have found for your results. Read the information on their websites too. It's all really god information.

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Janee said...

I thought I would be bald at the rate my hair fell out after having Maya! Seriously, I would pull out hand fulls of hair in the shower - so gross! I know what you're going through but happily my hair stopped falling out several months later :)

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