Thursday, August 07, 2008

Normal Routine

I've been tinkering on all of the blogs lately so I haven't posted since Monday. Life is pretty much routine these days. Leif's usually home most of the days and works in the evenings. So we work on our projects and enjoy each other's company during the day. We're really looking forward to the first week of September when school starts. Money will be in and that will ease a lot of stress. We're hoping Leif will interview with Zions Banks call center within the next couple of weeks. That job will really help out a lot too.

Jakob is very excited about school and dance class. I'm really excited about my nutritional medicine classes. And Leif is just looking forward to moving forward! Caleb is growing and happy. He'll have his four month immunizations tomorrow. Those are a bitter sweet thing. He's "talking" right now. Jakob says that he's telling us a jet story. Jakob is obsessed with jets and dinosaurs right now.

Leif's dad had neck surgery today. He was in tremendous pain because of several bone spurs that had grown on his neck vertebrae. It was a laser surgery so it wasn't very invasive. It went well, and we pray that it will ease some of the pain that he lives with on a daily basis.

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