Sunday, August 10, 2008

Life's Just Movin' Along

Life is still just truckin' along at the normal rate. Fast yet, slow... This week should give us some insight into the future. We're hoping Leif can square away a new job. Whether it be with Zions Bank or Fredonia School. Either one will work at this point.

We're trying to get things in order a bit for when school starts for all of us. Leif is thinking of getting his dads motorcycle fixed up so he can ride that to work and leave me with the car. I'm not thrilled with the idea. But since he'll only be driving a short distance on our country roads. I need to just let go and let faith take the lead with that fear.

We're trying to plan ahead financially so when the school loans come through we don't act like famished animals who just found the watering whole:) Wish us luck. Needs verses Wants isn't always the easiest thing to determine. But we'll try.

As for myself and my projects I'm still working on this and that when it comes to nutritional medicine. This week I'm actually conducting a tiny experiment. I have weaned myself off of Zoloft and am not taking ANY supplements for a week. No medicines, vitamins, or herbs for a week. I'm keeping a log of how I feel each night and then I'll go back to the supplements next week and compare the results. So far it's been interesting!

I've also had a great time creating my own recipes lately. I'll usually take a basic recipe and make some changes to make it my own. Tonight I made some delicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that have crushed up fiber cereal in place of flour. So it's packed with fiber making the sugar and chocolate chips not as big of a deal. It's fun! You can read some of my recipes on my Healthy Mamas Kitchen blog

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