Thursday, July 31, 2008

Two Positives Before a Negative

I have to try and think about some positive things in life right now. So I guess I'll blog them. . .

*Caleb and Jakob seem to finally be down for the night.
*Thank Heavens for Caleb's swing!

I am SO tired! I've felt like a zombie most of the day. My sleep allowance has been cut back this week.

*I was able to bake a dozen potatoes and take them to a post funeral dinner this morning. Glad to be able to contribute.
*I was able to shower and get semi put together this morning.

My hair is literally falling out. Figure it's adrenal and thyroid fatigue. I'm working on trying to rebuild strength.

*My friend Harmony came over and we were able to visit and help them out a bit with a few things. Always nice to visit with a good friend.
*Leif's mom came by to visit this morning too, we had a nice visit. They helped us again with some bills. Such a bitter sweet blessing.

Leif's manager forgot to turn in his hours this week, so he won't get a paycheck this week. Doesn't make sense, welcome to life in fast food.

*Leif was able to give two massages this morning. Sure grateful for the cash!
*Sure am looking forward to my nutrition and herbal medicine courses! I really enjoy learning about health and nutrition.

I wonder how we will balance Leif's school, his work, Jakob's school, and my school all at once. Luckily my schooling doesn't have deadlines.

*Leif and I are still loosing weight pretty steadily. Just eating healthy and taking a few supplements. I think the Omega 3 (Fish Oil) is helping the most!
*Leif found a website where I can create my own supplement regimen and they will capsulize it for me. I'm excited!

Found out that financial aid won't be available until school starts. We need it NOW!

As you can see, life is full of it's ups and downs. We're surviving. Weary, but hangin' in there! We've tried to think of all of the possible options of ways to make our life a little bit easier. We've concluded that no matter how hard it may seem, moving anywhere else right now would be harder. So we will keep going. We're praying for a better job for Leif and massage appointments for Leif until then (he's a Licenced Massage Therapist.)

I think I'll update the boy's blogs and try to get some sleep. Leif works evenings now. . . Not Fun!


Heather said...

I am sorry things are so ruff right now. Making a list of the positives is good.
Just so you know I also lost my hair 3 months after having each one of my baby's. I figured it had to do with hormone changes. I hate to compare myself with a dog, but the same thing happened to Tasha. It all grew back on it's own eventually.

Molly said...

The hair thing happens after having a baby. During pregnancy, I loose very little hair, and then sometime after the baby is 8 weeks old, all that hair that I didn't loose for those 9 months starts to fall out. It gets back to normal after about a month. It is very typical thing after having a baby.

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