Friday, July 18, 2008

Mama Is Sick Sick Sick!

Well it's official, I am sick! I've been hoping that the infection would pass by with just a trace of a cold. But it's not to be. We're in Alton resting and my body has taken to opportunity to really give an excuse to rest. My throat is really sore and swollen and my body aches all over. And I am Tired!

My sweet hubby is making me some homemade chicken and wild rice soup. MMM! It's YUMMY!

Jakob is up north with grandma and grandpa Baron and aunt Larissa and kids. He is doing well. Last night he struggled a lot before he fell asleep. Leif ended up doing story time and the rhyming game over the phone as Jakob tried to calm down. But he really struggled and brought me to tears as he cried that he wanted Mama to hold him. I sang to him as we both had tears rolling down our cheeks. He finally fell asleep while I sang to him over the phone. It was a sad but precious moment. Hopefully tonight is better.

Well, I'm going to eat my soup.

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