Sunday, July 13, 2008

Where Does Jesus Live?

I have been thinking a lot about how we are teaching Jakob about the gospel and about the Savior. We are trying to make these subjects common topics of discussion. This morning as we walked into the church I reminded Jakob that we needed to be reverent because Jesus was with us and He wants us to be reverent. Jakob's eyes and ears perked up and he began searching. He began asking "Where is Jesus?" Then he saw the stake high councilman walking to the stand and he asked "Is that Jesus?" We would smile and try to answer him the best that we could.

He tried to figure out where Jesus was through the majority of the meeting. But as he was looking, I began to become more and more perplexed. How in the world do you explain to a 3 year old where Jesus lives? We could tell him that Jesus is in his heart. But that isn't entirely true. That is the Holy Ghost. Jesus is a physical being, therefore he can't dwell in our hearts. So where does He live? Well He lives in heaven. So, where is heaven? All around us. But why can't we see it? Well . . . ? There are answers to these questions. But they aren't the answers that a preschooler understands.

So Leif and I pondered about how we can help Jakob understand. Leif prayed about it, and this is what he came up with. Tomorrow for family home evening we are going to prepare a peach cobbler without Jakob knowing and have it cooking in grandma's oven when we go down for family home evening (we have FHE outside in the back yard) When Jakob walks in the kitchen he will surely notice that there is a delicious smell emanating from the oven. Thus the beginning of the lesson. We will talk about how we can smell the yummy cobbler, but he can't see it. But he knows it's there because of the sweet familiar smell.

That is like heaven and Jesus. Heaven is all around us. We can't see heaven or Jesus, (unless He wants us to) but we know that they are there because of the sweet feelings we feel when they are near. When Christ is near, the Holy Ghost witnesses this to our heart. It is up to us whether we recognize the feelings or not.
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