Saturday, October 18, 2008

Checkin' Out The Leaves

This afternoon we took a trip up to the mountain. We knew that we may have missed the peak of the colorful leaves, but we went anyway. I'm glad we did. There wasn't a spectacular amount of color. But we found a grove of scrub oak and pretended that it was the whole forest.

We had a great time exploring and collecting treasures. Leif and I got a kick out of all of the funny things Jakob said throughout the day. We were on our way up the mountain and I was talking to Leif about the possible summer trip we might make to California next year. I said "Let's head out there and camp on the beach for a while..." Suddenly we hear Jakob say, "Okay! Let's Dooo It!:)" Later on as we drove through the remnants of a forest fire we heard Jakob say to himself, "this is the creepiest forest I've ever seen!" Creepiest? Who taught him that! As we were on our way home we were talking about directions such as front, back, left, and right. That started a game of Hoki Poki (sitting down of course:) As we were playing, a yellow corvette with racing stripes came up behind us. When we told Jakob he started talking about how we couldn't race them on the road because we needed helmets.:) We then told him that we would also need a nice Race Car. To that he replied "Let's Buy One!" As if it were the same as buying a bike.:)

What a great little afternoon trip...

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Nicole said...

I love the pictures. I'm very envious of your leaf pictures! Lack of seasons is close to the top of my list of reasons I don't want to live here forever.

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