Monday, October 13, 2008

Wall Decor Decisions

I have been stewing over how and what colors I should paint our walls. What you need to know about our walls before you can understand my dilemma is that our walls are 1. made from OSB board, and 2. half of them are hinged doors that look like walls. So even when we paint, the room still looks semi makeshift.
So, I am not going to paint. We are going to wallpaper! I am really excited. I think it will turn out cute and smooth things out really nice. I have tried to bring the "country cottage" feel into our home decor. This wallpaper will definitely do the trick!!
Here is what we've come up with:

Center Border

Top half of the wall

Bottom half of the wall


Sandra said...

You'll have to take a picture when it's done so we can see how it turned out, good luck.

Unknown said...

Wow…. best of luck for your home decoration ideas.

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