Thursday, October 16, 2008

Young Women's Progressive Dinner

I had a great day yesterday which led to a great evening! You'd think that having a dinner for 15 people to get ready for would be stressful. I guess it kind of was. But it gave me something out of the monotony of life's routine to look forward to. The event I had to look forward to was a Progressive Dinner with the Young Women in our ward. The main dinner was going to be at my home.

The morning started off with a new addition to our routine (I know this shouldn't be new!) I got Jakob's breakfast and then I asked him to be quiet so I could go have my morning prayer time. He looked at me and said, "so you can hear Heavenly Father?" EXACTLY! I said with a smile! So I went and had my morning prayers. I could list off a bunch of reason's why I haven't been doing this, but it's not necessary. My point is, that while I was praying Jakob sneaked a peak through the curtains that partition our room off, and saw me praying. I guess he thought that it was neat because a while later I heard him in there at my bed having his own morning prayers. What a Blessing! I believe in the power of prayer and it's healing power!

Throughout the day I calmly cleaned and organized and prepared for the evening dinner. The best part was that by the time Leif got home from work to help me with the final prep, I had everything done that I wanted to do! Leif was heaven sent and willingly jumped right in and helped with the rest that needed to be done. He even prepared the noodles for the dinner after I had left so they would be warm when the girls got to our home. Leif is amazing! Shortly after I left I got a phone call from him, Jakob had a messy accident in his pants and he just needed to vent his frustration. He took care of it and still greeted us with a smile when we came for dinner. AND THEN, he offered to clean up the plates for the girls. What an example of the kind of man these girls should look for! Thank you My Love!

The evening went well. The girls loved our little cottage. And the spirit was strong throughout the night as we talked about the Young Women's Values. I think they appreciated the work put into it and it helped them understand that we take the Personal Progress Program seriously. I did bring home three delicious chocolate brownies for Leif from our last location. He sure deserved it.

Good Day! Good Evening! Good Food! Good People!

Pretend that this was taken in the evening and all of those chairs are filled with smiling faces and they all have plates full of yummy spaghetti!:)


Sandra said...

How fun, that sounds like a great activity. I didn't know you were in Young Womens, thats a calling I've never had. What is Leif's calling?

Lena Baron said...

Yep! It's good for me right now. Leif is the Primary Chorister. He loves it too!

Harmony said...

That was a lot of fun. I think the girls really enjoyed the evening. Thanks for doing it. As always I enjoy reading your post keep up the good work. You are amazing!

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