Monday, November 10, 2008

My Little Sailor Honoring Veteran's Day

Today we celebrated Veterans Day at the elementary school that Leif works at. They had a nice program to honor the different branches of the military. The funnest part for me was dressing Jakob up in the Sailor uniform that my Grandpa Hunt handed down to my dad. I of course took it from him and next year it will fit Jakob perfectly:) Jakob really enjoyed wearing the uniform and did a great job showing respect to it while he wore it.
I served 10 months of my mission at Great Lakes Navy Base in Chicago. So I have a place in my heart for the men and women in the military. Jakob asked me the other day if he was "in the Army now" when he put on his camo decorated shoes. I told him that he definitely was not, and if he ever chose to serve he would serve as an Officer in the Air Force!


Sandra said...

He looks so cute! Thats fun that they have clothes he can dress in.

Sharane said...

Great pics! Jakob makes a good sailor! What a darling uniform!
Thanks so much for your insights in your past posts, I really enjoyed reading them.

-Sharane :)

Molly said...

Very cute.

I don't get your poll. I neither agree or disagree about that. The school has a right to choose a dress code. All school should enforce a dress code. If some schools choose to do this by requireing a uniform, then that is their right. If you don't like that, don't go to that school.

There are so many problems caused by clothes these days. Uniforms are always neat and modest, unlike most clothes sold in stores. If our school required a uniform, I would be happy to apply.

Molly said...

oops, I meant comply not apply. Silly me.

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