Friday, November 07, 2008

What a Crazy Week!

For all that has happened this week, I'm actually pretty calm:)

Monday: I cleaned up the house and unpacked. Leif moved the old fridge down the stairs with his dad and brought up another one to our kitchen .

Tuesday: I woke up feeling motivated and strong. Jakob and I proceeded to paint our kitchen floor. What I didn't know was that oil based floor paint is STICKY and takes FOREVER to dry! We had to eat out for dinner because the floor was not dry. I only got the center of the kitchen painted. It looks great. But now I have to figure out how to paint the rest and still be able to function in our house... Leif and I went to vote. God Bless America, and Please bless our new President with strength of mind and integrity!!! Praise be for the success of Prop 8 in California and Prop 102 in Arizona. Marriage between a man and a women is still considered sacred in America!

Wednesday: I woke up feeling like I had swam a million laps. My muscles ached! I didn't think the painting was near that strenuous. Throughout the day I realized that the fridge that we brought up is having problems as well. When the fan turns off it makes a loud clunking sound.

Thursday: Still really sore. Leif had a choir practice in the evening. Leif came home and told me that the temperature gage on the car was showing HOT, uggg! A long day and a long night. I tried to get Caleb to sleep at least 3 hours between feedings. He did fine except the time-frame between 1 and 3AM. Jakob fell out of bed around then too. Jakob then climbed into bed with me at 5:30:) Leif put him back to bed. So my sleep was broken up, as usual.

Friday: I woke up sick! I have some type of virus again. My throat hurts and my body aches and I have a fever. I am alright as long as I have IB Profin. Our car had to be towed to the shop this afternoon. Something is leaking out of the engine area. Wonder how much that will end up costing... Today marks the two year anniversary of our little Rhea's death. I will write more about that tomorrow. This evening I chose to go against better judgement and enjoyed a large bowl of Peanut Butter Panic ice cream and chocolate chip cookies. Ahhh, everything's all better:) For now...

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Heidi Hamilton said...

HaHa! Loved your last comment. Isn't that the truth. I think the girls have had a handful of their Halloween candy & the rest I've eaten.
Amen to the Prop 8 issue. I didn't even realize that Arizona had a similar proposition till after the election because CA got so much coverage. There was a big rally today at temple square against the church for supporting it.
Let's see what happens from here on out.
Hope you get feeling better too! The Z-pack was just what I needed. I'm almost 100% by now.

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