Sunday, November 09, 2008

Updates - Answers - Conclusions

I have a busy week ahead, so I will make a quick post with the updates from open-ended thoughts shared on previous posts that now have answers and conclusions.

My lesson went well this afternoon. I prayed that each girl would be touched and taught whatever they needed as an individual. I think that happened. There were tears shed... I don't think it was tears of boredom. I hope not anyway!:)

I am doing fine when it come to my emotional release over the twins. I had an unusually emotional night that night. I felt better in the morning. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

My health has improved and I am feeling strong again for the most part. Our fridge still makes a loud noise when the fan shuts off and we'll have to live on a prayer that it will continue to work until we can afford a new one. The car ended up having a broken thermostat cover, or something like that. It has been fixed and the cost was not too overwhelming. Caleb still wakes up throughout the night. It is hard, but I do value the quiet time with him when I am able to handle the fatigue. He is a precious gift to me right now!

Leif was considered a resident by Northern Arizona University. So we are grateful for that and hope that he will be accepted soon, so we can plan accordingly.

My meds have been a tremendous help and I think Jakob is probably the one who has benefited the most. The bear has left the building!!:)

When it comes to house decor, I have had to humble myself and save our money in a few ways. I will only be putting a border on the wall instead of the whole wall being wallpapered. And we will use white butcher paper as a ceiling over the plastic, instead of panel boards.

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Sandra said...

Glad to hear that things are better. Especially that the cost wasn't bad for the car. Car problems are the worst.

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