Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I think it is hilarious how everyone has reacted to me doing a colon cleanse and the fact that I have announced it to all of you! :)
There shouldn't be anything embarrassing about doing a colon cleanse! It is a very good idea for all of us! There are a lot of different types of colon cleanses. The one I'm doing is just powders, teas, and pills. So don't think I'm going too extreme!;)
I just had to let you all know that you made me smile!:) Also, thank you all so much for your phone calls and messages wishing me a happy birthday. It has brightened my day! I have Young Women's at my house tonight (which I'm happy about.) So Leif and I will go out on Friday. My mother in law just called to tell me she's making us dinner tonight. So, things are great!


Patricia Potts said...

Actually I think dejunking is a great idea in ANY form!! :)

Happy b-day again! I'd love to have your phone number so I can call in person.
Love, Patricia

Steph said...

Where do you get that stuff? I'm currently cleansing my liver and blood stream (long story), but I think the the that would be a good thing to do too!

Steph said...

And happy birthday!

Sharane said...

Happy 30th! I hope it was great! I think the cleanse sounds like a good idea. I heard a radio commercial about it yesterday, and I thought "that is probably a very healthy thing to do every once in a while."

-Sharane :)

Anonymous said...

There's no reason for you to get embarrass. Besides, they should be proud of you because you are now starting to discipline yourself and be conscious on your health issues

sanjay said...

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