Saturday, January 24, 2009

Final Answer: Nurse Anesthestist

These last couple of days I have intentionally turned off the computer so I could just focus on pondering, taking care of my house, and my family. But I am happy to have a couple of hours today that I can just blog and update.

Towards the end of last month I could feel the spirit preparing me for a change in our life. I had no idea what it was. But looking back, I know I was being prepared. Leif and I make a point of staying clued in on the happenings of the world around us. We all know the state of our economy. It has even effected us in this tiny little town in the middle of nowhere. Many people have been laid off from their jobs and many of them are struggling to find employment elsewhere. There are several housing developments that have been started and are now sitting dormant because of the lack of buyers. Our dear friends have had their home up for sale for over a year. Things are not good for many people. We all have hopes that things will turn around quickly, but realistically speaking that's not likely. It's very possible that it will get worse before it gets better.

All of these things have caused Leif and I to reconsider the path that he is on for school. His end goal was a Business degree. But business might not be the most secure destination for us. It would be very sad and frustrating if we took all of the time and money to go to school, only to have a nightmare of a time finding employment once he graduated.

With that said, I'll tell you what decision that we have been led to. Leif is going to steer back to the medical field. He is going to earn a Registered Nursing degree. He will then earn a Bachelors Degree in Nursing, and finally he will earn a Masters Degree as a Nurse Anesthestist (anesthesia.) This is a field of nursing that is in high demand. The salary range is wonderful as well as the ability to work wherever we want to work.

Leif has always enjoyed the medical field. But he steered away from it because of the schooling involved. But he has now realized that he doesn't mind the student life as much as he thought he would. This is a good thing. Because we have a career in schooling before the career as a Nurse Anesthetist. The following is the plan that we wrote out for our future. I had to do this in order to fathom what our life will be like for the next several years. This will be our final decision. If this plan changes, it will not be because we wanted it to.

Spring January-May 2009: Leif NAU (Business), Lena finish GCNM
Summer May-August 2009: Leif (Any missing classes), Lena MCC
Fall September-December 2009: Leif MCC
Jakob 5 (Kindergarten) Caleb 1
Stay in F
Spring January-May 2010: Leif MCC (Weekends SG, M)
Summer May-August 2010: Lena MCC
Fall September-December 2010 Leif MCC (Weekends SG, M)
Jakob 6 (1st Grade) Caleb 2 Lena PG(?)
Stay in F
Spring January-May 2011: Leif MCC and NAU(Weekends SG, M, DAYS K)
Summer May-August 2011: Leif NAU (Online and K)
Fall September-December 2011 Leif NAU (Online and K)
Jakob 7 (2nd Grade) Caleb 3 (Preschool) Baby Born(?)
Stay in F
Spring January-May 2012: Leif Hospital
Summer May-August 2012: Leif Hospital
Fall September-December 2012: Leif Hospital
Jakob 8 (3rd Grade) Caleb 4 (Preschool) Baby 1
Stay in F or SG
Spring January-May 2013: Leif Hospital
Summer May-August 2013: Leif Hospital
Stay in F or SG
Fall September-December 2013: Leif Masters Program
Jakob 9 (4th Grade) Caleb 5 (Kindergarten) Baby 2
Move to Masters Program Location
Spring January-May 2014: Leif Masters Program
Summer May-August 2014: Leif Masters Program
Fall September-December 2014 Leif Masters Program
Jakob 10 (5th Grade) Caleb 6 (1st Grade) Baby 3 (Preschool) Lena PG(?)
Spring January-May 2015 Leif Masters Program
Summer May-August 2015 Leif Masters Program
Fall September-December 2015 Leif Begins as a Nurse Anesthetist
Jakob 11 (6th Grade) Caleb 7 (2nd Grade) Baby 4 (Preschool) Baby Born(?)
Move to Nurse Anesthetist location


Heidi Hamilton said...

Wow - lots of school! But I think you'll be really glad you went that route. You really can't go wrong in the health industry - that won't get hit too hard with the recession. Jason is getting his MBA & it's not going to be easy finding a job. He's only been looking for a couple weeks, but it's looking bleak.

Janee said...

You guys have been down a lot of paths since you've been married eh! That's great you guys have a plan. These times are so scary and uncertain, it makes sense to go into a stable industry. We were SO blessed to find another job quickly after Dan got laid off but I hear on the news it's only going to get worse. Did I tell you Dan went back to school to finish his B.S.? I think it's the smart thing to do since the job market sucks right now.

Hey I was counting how many kids you have there on your time line - is that a total of 6?! Are you crazy?! JK lol...

JAMIE said...

I completely understand what you are going through. it is scary times. A nurse I think is one of the highest demanding jobs ever, but takes a lot of work. My hubby and i are currently applying for medical school. It is a long road, but in the end is so worth it.

Molly said...

Best of luck to you in all that you set out to do.

Patricia Potts said...

WOWWOWOWOWOWOWOWWOWWOW!!! How impressive Lena. No wonder you were having feelings like something needed to change!!

I admire you both and your determination to stay spiritually based.


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