Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Few Clarifications

I need to give some clarifications about some things dealing with a couple of my previous posts.

First things first:) I need to clarify that the numbers next to the word Baby on my last post, is the age that the baby will be that year, not the number order for the next baby. I plan on only being Pregnant one or two more times. Which will bless our lives with plenty of children.:)

And now, back to some political issues that I need to define my standing on.

When I wrote my post titled: A Dream Fulfilled, one of the main points that I wanted to make is that I believe that the dream that Martin Luther King had has in many ways been fulfilled by electing President Obama. I am happy about this because I admire Martin Luther King very much.

I did not vote for Obama. If I had my way, Mitt Romney would be President! But I believe that once a person becomes the President of our country they deserve the respect that comes with that office. However, we are not required to support everything that the President views as right. That is supposed to be the beauty of a democracy. So I will clarify...

I am very much against any form of abortion except in cases of rape, incest, or the mother's life being threatened.

I do not agree with a government dependant society. I will forever be grateful for the assistance that the government has given my little family. However, I feel that a person should always be encouraged and given incentive to progress and care for themselves on their own. I can see how easy life might be to have the government "govern" so many aspects of our life. But that is not the plan that God has established on earth and in heaven. We are meant to have agency.

I am not in support of gay marriage or homosexuality being openly taught in our public schools. There is much I can say on this issue. But it's not necessary. I will leave it at that. My position on this is firm and steadfast. This position should not be misconstrued to make one believe that I am "homophobic", or anti-gay. I am not. There are just some things in this world that we have been counseled by the prophet of the Lord not to accept as right.

Now, with all of that said, I will say this in final; I will forever try to be an optimist. Life is so much easier to live this way... As I watched the inauguration of President Obama, I focused on the things that I can control. I can control my attitude. I can try to seek out hope even though it might be intermingled with sorrow. My hope is that my children will be able to look to president Obama as a man who is an example of integrity. I hope that he will be able to resist the prideful pressure that is so heavy in the political world. I hope he will find a way to help the American people find a way to help themselves. I hope that he will remember his dream for America. AND I Hope that right will prevail and the righteous will triumph. I can try to see the rainbow amidst the storm. Therefore, I will.


Janee said...

Good for you Lena. I wish more people could be like you and maintain your beliefs while being tolerant and respectful. So rare these days.

Lol, I'm cracking up about your clarification of the # of kids in your last post, hahaha :)

Hey is someone giving you crap over your MLK/Obama inauguration post? That's messed up if they are. You can be supportive of Obama in his presidency even if you didn't vote for him.

Janee said...

Ah, I read the comments on your post and see why you felt the need to clarify...

Sandra said...

I like how optimistic this post is. I missed the last post the switch, good luck! That is a profession that is needed.

Harmony said...

I like your attitude Lena. It is too bad some people misunderstood.

Anonymous said...

I hope you find your rainbow in these troubled times. I still can not personally support him, even if he is President. I support our constitution and I love America, so I will do what law tells me to do, but I can not support Obama. He is fighting the constitution. And as for being tolerent of other beliefs, that is why we are in the mess of no prayer in schools, gay rights and such. Respect and tolerence are not the same thing and should never be confused.

Still, I hope you find peace in this time.

Sharane Pitts said...

Thanks for your optimism! We can all use a little more of that in our lives. I really liked how you wrote out your plan in the previous post.
I hope Leif's new field of study works out well.

-Sharane :)

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