Saturday, January 24, 2009

Draper Temple and the Dinosaur Museum

I have been so busy since we got home from our little road trip that I haven't been able to give details on how fun it was. We went to SL to go through the new LDS Draper Temple open house with Grandma and Grandpa Hunt. We also took the time to take Jakob the Dinosaur Museum while we were there.
I was disappointed because the book on CD that I purchased just for the trip didn't arrive on time. But my friend Harmony saved the day and loaned us a couple of fun LDS mystery novels. We all really enjoy listening to the books as we travel. I love that Jakob tries to follow the stories too. The Draper temple was beautiful, of course. We tried to help Jakob understand how special it was that he was able to walk through a temple before he was 12 years old. My dad was able to hold Caleb on his lap, so I was able to walk with Jakob and talk with him throughout the tour. We discussed the different paintings hanging on the walls and the story behind them. We also took the stairs instead of the elevator and we talked about the fact that as we climbed the stairs it was symbolic of us getting closer and closer to our Heavenly Father. It was a really special moment as a mother to be able to walk through the temple with my little family.
We wanted to surprise Jakob with the trip to the Dinosaur Museum. He saw the museum as we drove past it on our way to my parents. So he was talking about it almost non stop after that. But we all managed to convince him for a while that we were going to go to a Carrot Museum instead of the Dinosaur Museum. He believed us at first, then he got upset because he wanted to go to the Dinosaur Museum so bad. I could just hear his little mind thinking how strange it was that Mama and Papa wouldn't take him somewhere that he wanted to go to so bad. We still kept it light hearted and told him that we would let the car decide where we would go. He was thrilled to see the Dinosaur Museum as we drove up to say the least.:) We watched a 3D dinosaur movie, Played in a river of sand, water, and dinosaurs, dug for dinosaur bones, and ran through the museum like a four year old:) The next morning Jakob had fun eating dinosaur pancakes.


Heidi Hamilton said...

Fun! We were at the dinosaur museum a couple weeks ago. McKinley was actually pretty scared with all the skeletons and the dinosaur sounds, but she had a good time anyway.
Wish we could have attended the Draper open house. I think we're planning on the Oquirre Mountain open house, though. Sorry I missed ya! Let me know when you come into town again!

Patricia Potts said...

What wonderful pictures!! It was good to see Lee and Nancy too! Was that a rental wheelchair Lee was in? They just keep on going... we hope to go to one of his shows- or shall I say Jared't shows? Are Lee and Nancy stil real involved?

We love book on tapes too! I wish someone did a book-on-tape redbox!!


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