Wednesday, September 08, 2010

JJ Lee's Baby Blessing

From JJ Lee's Blessing Photos

We had a hard time choosing JJ's name. As members of the LDS faith, when our babies are newborns they are officially given a name and a blessing by one who holds the priesthood (usually their father or grandfather.) We chose JJ's name but we were still unsure how we felt about it up until JJ's blessing day. I told Leif that he could give JJ a different name if he felt inspired to do so while giving him the blessing. I thought he just might do that. But it turns out that Jonathan Jefferson Lee Baron is his official name. He is named after Jonathan in the bible, our good doctor Jonathan Bowman, Thomas Jefferson, and my father Warren Lee Hunt. And we call him JJ. However, Leif occasionally calls him Jeffery and we have been known to call him JJ Lee. So this little one has MANY names. The rest of his blessing was beautiful. I will give more details about it on his personal blog.

Leif's mother made JJ's blessing gown and booties. It turned out perfect!! I was blessed in a crocheted dress and I always wanted one of my kids blessed in a crocheted gown. I knew that I would never be able to choose a pretty white dress again for any of my kids, so I decided a gown for their blessing was just fine.

My parents came down for the blessing as well as my aunt Joann. We all had a yummy lunch together after church and enjoyed each others company.

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