Thursday, September 30, 2010


Can you believe that my brain wouldn't shut off tonight? Even when JJ is sleeping, which means I could be sleeping. Ridiculous!

Well, we've all been quite sick at our little home. Jakob is currently the sickest. He has some type of flu. Poor Guy! Otherwise, the rest of us just have a really bad cold... So that's that update.

Life has continued though. I did have to take one day off and I read a whole book in one day. That was nice. The next day I took on a HUGE project. I had Leif bring up all of the clothes that we have in storage boxes for different sizes and seasons. I went through everything and got rid of a giant pile of clothes. I also organized everything and took an inventory of what we have and what we need. Turns out we are missing all of the size 2T tops.

Baby Calling. Hope you enjoyed the short update.;)


Sandra said...

Ahh the seasonal change of clothes. I dread when I have to put away the summer clothes for the winter ones. It's quite a bit of clothes to go through. What book did you finish?

Heidi Hamilton said...

Sorry you & your fam are sickies :(
I, too, hate the going through the clothes routine. Thankfully, we are finally to the stage w/ McKinley & Ireland that when McKinley outgrows something, it can go straight to Ireland's closet, but we still have LOTS of clothes boxes to go through.

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