Thursday, July 16, 2020

Final Countdown DAY SEVEN: Put Everything In Its Place

Well, it's DAY SEVEN of the Final Countdown to moving off the Island to the Mainland (the "Other Island" as JJ puts it.).  I've broken down the packing and Prep into seven days and I thought I'd share as I go throughout the week.  This Seven Day method will only work for a family who has lived a similar lifestyle as we have for a while and has little clutter.  Otherwise, before following this plan you will need to de-clutter drastically prior.  With that said, let's get started! 

Today I am focusing on three things. 
  • First, I'm going to call the Cable company and set up the cancellation date and the box/router pickup. Having THEM pick this up will save me a lot of stress. Hopefully Hawaii does this. 
  • Second, (Having pulled all of the bags and suitcases out and done an inventory to see if I need to purchase more/new bags) I will now go through my house just like a normal cleaning day and put everything away and in its place. Making the house tidy.  Don't forget to go the extra mile and sweep everything out from under the beds. 
  • Third, as I tidy the house I will also take anything that won't be going with us and throw it out, or put it in a Goodwill Pile to be given away about three days before departure day. 

By the time you've completed this much, you'll be ready for a reward. So give yourself permission to relax with a little treat and binge watch a couple of your favorite shows on Netflix until you have to make dinner for the troops. :) 

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