Thursday, July 16, 2020

Cultivating A Positive Social Media Experience
I have so much to do today. But I had a dream last night that has changed things in my world right now. So I am going to write about it before the sweet baby wakes up and needs my attention. As I wrote about last time, our prophet has invited us to participate in a 10 day social media fast. But… Is that truly the full intent of the invitation that was given? No, it really isn’t. We need to make sure we aren’t completely missing the point.
In fact, for me, social media (a.k.a. Facebook) isn’t a downer for me at all. That is where I find my good friends all over the world. Where I read articles and inspirational quotes from gospel following books and leaders. Where I get my laughs from daily. And where I share most of my life’s joys and sorrows with my family and friends. So, for me, “social media” isn’t a problem: ANYMORE! However, it was at one point. So let me backup and explain.
Over the years, and most recent weeks, I recognized some problems and made some adjustments to my Social Media experiences. As I realized that I wanted to pick and choose what I took in to my news feeds, I learned how to use the filter settings and choice features that the different sites have set up to help us choose who and what we see. I am able to “Follow” or “UNfollow” who and what I want to. I am able to block any person, group, website, etc. that I want to. I am able to search for uplifting subjects that I am interested in and choose to see them more often. AND, if it comes to it, I can choose to LEAVE certain groups, pages, or people that don’t bring light into my life.
Now, you better believe that I have had my share of Trial and ERROR in this regard. LOL! Like the time when I was in a terrible brain and emotional brain funk and I UNFRIENDED someone I Love instead of BLOCKING them for a short time. Uhhh, Yeah, Big OOPS!!! Be careful and understand the steps that you’re taking as you sift and change things. But DO change things as you need to. According to your ability to take things in. Sometimes, I am strong enough to read about NICU babies who have survived against miraculous odds. Sometimes, I am Not and they haunt me and my emotions for days to come. Sometimes, I am able to follow a loved one or acquaintance’s horrendous cancer journey. And sometimes, I’m just NOT! Sometimes I can handle a bit of politics. Other times, it’s just pure garbage mucking up my space. But, what I allow in, is up to me. Yes, on occasion something new and unwanted will slip through my filters. But for the most part, my Social Media experience is a happy place. Though, I am still navigating Instagram. And not as happy with it at the moment. So, I removed it from my phone homescreen. This means that I am not immediately drawn to it when i’m bored waiting at the school for my kiddos to get out. This post has morphed into an interesting direction. But turned in to exactly what was intended. My dream was all symbolism and feelings. So I won’t confuse you by writing about it. MY POINT IS THIS::: President Nelson’s Number One Plea is for us was to create an atmosphere in our life where we can hear, feel, and share, the spirit and goodness of God with the world. For me, this means eliminating NETFLIX and begin READING again. It means getting on my blog more and writing longer about more thought provoking subjects . But still following and sharing with my friends and family members on social media who lift me up on a daily basis. It means reading the scriptures with intention and purpose, and writing and sharing about my feelings and experiences.These are ways that I am able to cultivate and share some of my spiritual gifts with my family and the world. And in time, sooner than later, I intend on cultivating more of my spiritual gifts that I haven’t highlighted in years. What exactly that means, stay tuned, and we will find out together. Always remember that your faith, testimony, dedication, and relationship with Christ is your own. Commandments are exact. Following them is always either a Right or a Wrong. But an “invitation and a plea” are not commandments. So, with that said, I will shake off the potential to feel shame as I get back on to Facebook even though it is before the “10 Day” mark. And I will let judgers be judgers. As I move forward in my faith and relationship with my Savior; grateful for the invitation from His prophet to “understand (my) spiritual gifts—to cultivate, use, and expand them, even more than (I) ever have. (I) will change the world as (I) do so.”

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