Thursday, July 16, 2020

Sometimes I stop and ask myself "Is this for real?" Is the entire world REALLY shut entirely down by this virus? How does this happen? I ask myslef. Wht if we're being hoodwinked and its been blown completely out of porportion? But to what purpose would that benefit? No one. It's destroyed the whole world's econemires one. by one. by one. Flattening everything in it's path.

I don't even know exactly what day of quarentine we're on. Something like 12 or 14. California was one of the first mandated to completely stop all outside activities and to "Stay Home!" It took a week for people here to completly follow the guidelines. After they finally shut down all of the beaches and walking paths. So Sad!!! The first week of quarentine was absolutely poignant weather. Perfect show of how we felt as a society. Gray. Clouds. Rain. Wind. Day. After Day. After Day. But then the sun came back. Taunting at everyone to come outside and warm their souls. And many did. Too many. So we're told. At first only the naturally obiediant and medicallly and statistically educated people believed the seriousness of the issue. But now people are starting to know someone who's sick. And they see New York City in total war zone field hospital status with a thousand+ tents lineing central park.

Up to this point it was China's problem. Then South Korea. Italy, that was BAD. But apparently, we're worse. They had more deaths. We have more sickness.

So many rumors out there! So much fear being stirred up. I'm so grateful for mine and Leif's knowledge of health and medicine going in to this.

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