Sunday, April 25, 2021

An Unexpected Gift

This weekend has been wearisome. If you know me really well, you have probably heard myself or my husband talk about a very unexpected and emotionally draining"calling?.. mission?.. gravitational pull towards?" We're not sure what to call it.🤔 Anyway, often times in my journey with caring for animals I end up caring for the fragile and dying. I in no way seek this out. It just seems that I am either helping animals enter the world, or finish their journey. This weekend, I have met a precious puppy who unfortunately is very ill. The rescue and I were expecting a puppy who was being Owner Surrendered because he has spina bifida. But otherwise we had been told he was stable. Sadly, as soon as I took him in my arms and heard him breathing, I knew he was very unwell. I rushed him to the vet. We were expecting a pneumonia diagnosis, and to be on our way. Sadly, it's not so. His problem is actually a congenital deformity of his trachea.😥  I'm not sure what the rest of his story will be. But it has left we deep in thought once again. Pondering this completely unexpected but undeniable connection I have with each of these souls whom I'm directly led to...  I will add more to this thought process and update you on his story. But for now this is a good start.

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