Tuesday, April 13, 2021

I'm so tired this morning, like every morning. I'm just waiting for my meds and vitamins to kick in. But I just realized that I forgot to take my Adrenal supplement and that I need to reorder my B Complex. Both make a HUGE difference on my energy/wellbeing. So I'll go get them. 
I'm going to send the big boys to church today with friends. Joshua and I will stay home. The thought of getting dressed up and going out was way too much today. I need one day without any outings. I'd go if Leif were home to help lighten the load a bit. He's home every other weekend. 
I'm really hoping to get myself to watch more of The Chosen series. It's a new series about Christ's life. It's really well done. But the adversary really tries to pull me away to other things. 
My arms are too weak to even hold up my phone right now. I'll write more later. 

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