Friday, April 16, 2021

I need to go to sleep. Turn my brain off. But I'm dreading the effort it takes to get Joshua to bed too. And Jakob's still out to a football game. So I'll write.
There's WAY too much going on. I'm sad to feel the weight of having outside places to go again. My kiddos are thrilled! But I'm wearing down Fast. Having to go out half a dozen times in one day for me is way way way too much. I'm to my limit. With no change in sight. It will only get busier and harder. 
And my boys are driving me nuts! They act like they can't do anything. Just waiting for me to do everything. Laziness. It makes me so mad! Such good boys. But this is driving me crazy! 
Our realtor is a joke! I'm pretty sure she's flat out lieing to us that there's someone who wants the house. But we're tied into a contract with her.🤦‍♀️ I'm so annoyed by it all. Mostly because she says the person who wants to buy needs us out by mid May. So the stress is high. It's a long stupid story. But my instincts tell me her story isn't legit. 
The house is a disaster. So if she wants to show it I need to know ahead of time...

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