Sunday, April 11, 2021

Late Night Rambling Of The Nitty Gritty Behind The Scenes

My phone is dying. I wonder how much I'll get written??? Remember when I used to sit at a desk in front of a keyboard and screen. WOw! We've evolved. 
So I've taken my sleep aid meds. So I might get loopy. But I feel like jabbering about everything and nothing. 
Leif just started his second contract at San Leandro. He's enjoying it and they love him, of course. It's an ICU floor. So that's been interesting. He does a lot of CPR. Which he hadn't done as often. They call management into the Code Blues. I thought that was interesting.  
Audrey, our nanny, didn't extend her contract with us. She wanted to move on since we're moving.  Her help was invaluable these last few months. I wonder what it will be like without her. I might hire someone to come twice a week to help Joshua with his Physical Therapy practice. I wish so badly that I could just be a normal human and be able to handle all of the every day tasks. But I'm not. And I'm SOOOO GRATEFUL that Leif has worked so hard for us and made it possible to ask for trained help. So Grateful!

I look at our little family and "scratch my head" sometimes. Asking myself if it's normal for every member of the family to have a health issue or label? I know it's not. But I also know every family has their own journey. Ours just happens to have A LOT of health issues intertwined. 

Joshua's Neurologist finally diagnosed him with Cerebral Palsy.  She waited long enough. Grrr!! Gratefully, it's a very mild case. But if she would have named it two years ago he would has had PT for the last two years as well as speech.  ... but, whatever.  Leif asked me if I'm up for the journey of a lawsuit against Joshua's delivery doctors and pediatricians. It's funny how everyone else is JUST NOW getting to the point and conclusion that I was at 2 years ago. But, again,  whatever.  I'm just glad I now have company and support in my conclusion. So, yeah, if at all possible,  yes, I will fight for some retribution for the negligence that took place within the hours before, ... my phone died.

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