Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Written in March/April 2022

Today I had a big cry and a beautiful walk down memory lane. The photos from my mission have been in storage for the last two decades. Leif and I finally pulled them out so we can share them with our boys and start good conversations about mission life and teaching the gospel. 

As I started going through my photos I was overwhelmed with sorrow and anger. My dearest mission companion, Fai' Ana Fotofili died from pneumonia five years ago. We served more then half of my mission together. After I married and started having babies I kind of lost my brain and let my contact with FaiAna become way too infrequent. When I found out that FaiAna passed I was absolutely Devestated! 

FaiAna was my trainer. She had the most incredible laugh. And an amazing sense of humor. 

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