Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Written November/December 2021

 months ago, I was finally able to foster a special needs "Road Dog" through the internationally known bulldog rescue Road Dogs and Rescues based in Southern California. Never did I think he would become our Forever Family Dog.

But, it didn't take long to realize that Stevie (A.K.A Zephyr Sage @roaddogsandrescue) is no ordinary Dog. He is a diaper dog. I usually change his diaper up to three times a day. He had been taught a routine, and he is incredibly patient during the whole process. He is a pleaser and is eager to learn and follow the rules. He has been amazing at his ability to be "nice" while wrestling around with Joshua. And one of the sweetest things is he has been a miracle for solving Caleb's sleep anxiety.

When we saw all that Stevie brought to the table, we had a family discussion. The question at hand was, "Do we REALLY want a Forever family dog? Up to this point, we have only had failed attempts at forever dogs and our Fosters. But Leif and I feel an absolute commitment together, never to have another failed attempt at a forever dog. So this was a very serious decision.

It was interesting to see and hear each family member process the question. Asking themselves whether or not they even enjoyed having dogs around. Or, were willing to consistently take care of the dog. If they wanted a dog forever, what kind of dog? A big dog? Little? Playful? Wise? A Diaper dog? Or one who requires a walk several times a day.

Leif: If the dog is beneficial for any of the kids' Special Needs then, Great! If not, then No.
Lena: If the dog is helpful, comforting, and easily taught, then Yes. And Definitely a Diaper dog.
Jakob: Is functionally allergic to dogs. So he prefers no dog. But if he had to have one he prefers a big smart dog.
Caleb: Wants to be sure that if we had a dog we could still foster. If he glad a dog he would want a playful dog. Stevie would be a great forever dog.
JJ: Doesn't NEED a dog. Because he just got a guinea pig. So he's paying attention to him.
Joshua: Would love a dog. Loves Stevie.
We also talked about some of the reasons that we each didn't like about dogs: Pottying requirements/insistent on stopping to go out. Barking. Not smart/or obedient. Hard to go on vacations. 

So the family concencess was an overall feeling of; if the stars align with our needs, we would enjoy having a Forever Family Dog. We ended 

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