Monday, June 30, 2008

Crazy Weekend Turned Out Fun! But We're Melting!

Oh my heck! How did we survive Hawaii with no air conditioner? I remember feeling just like I do now. I'm sitting at my computer melting! Luckily we do have two window air conditioners. If we didn't we'd all have heat stroke, literally. But we do, so I need to just say thank you for that and look forward to central air in our next home.

This last weekend was a bit crazy. But it turned out great! We planned ahead and went to St. George to go to the temple. There were supposed to be babysitters set up from the ward. But when we got there they were no where to be found. We wandered around the visitor center for a while and took some pictures. Then we just decided to head north to Alton to visit Leif's brother and family. It is A LOT cooler there. We had a blast!

Leif won all of his siblings over and over again in trampoline games. They even got their mom up there to play. It was so fun to watch them. We started a fire in the fire pit and made smores. Of course we barbecued and Stacy made a Delicious dutch oven cobbler.

We were frustrated when we got there because of our SG trip. But being with family and the beautiful coolness of Alton really lifted our spirits. When evening rolled around everyone sat around the living room and planned for their Sunday responsibilities.

Leif and I spoke in Sacrament meeting on Sunday. Our talks were on reverence. I let Jakob give a little bit of my talk. He did a great job! It turned out to be a nice meeting even though Jakob's actions were an irony! Here were are preaching about being reverent in sacrament meeting and Jakob is running back and forth from the bench to the stand, moving from seat to seat. I finally took him to the back of the chapel, then to a pitch dark room where we discussed how to act while in sacrament meeting. Ahhh, the joys of being parents!

Sunday evening was a pleasant one too. We went to visit some friends who just moved into their newly remodeled home. While we were talking they asked Leif if he could give them a massage. They actually scheduled several massages with him for family and friends. Because of this we will be able to pay some bills. It is a true answer to prayers!!

I especially loved the fact that Leif set up his massage table and gave me a first class spa treatment massage. I can definitely recommend him to anyone!!

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