Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Family Health and Nutrition

I know this is probably not interesting to any of you. But I need to kill two birds with one stone. I want to document what we're using as vitamins, and I want to blog. So I will make a list of the vitamins and supplements that we need to reorder as soon as we can. We're running on empty. And you can skip this entry if you're not interested:)

Solar Cal D

Sea Vegg
Solar Cal D
Rhodiola Root
Griffonia Seed

Dr. Sears Multi vitamin
Dr. Sears Omega Vitamin

I know you're wondering why in the world we take so many supplements. The answer is; because we need them and they are available for us! I have found that if I do not take my vitamins my body is in severe pain all over. I've decided not to dwell on the pain issue, but to figure out how to eliminate the pain and lead a normal life. That's what these supplements do. They have also helped me continue to loose weight after delivering Caleb. So, I'm not complaining! Leif and Jakob take them because it is a known fact that multi vitamins are highly recommended.


Tiff Meister said...

Hey Lena,
It's Tiffany Checketts (formerly Potts.) Heidi sent me to your blog so I could look at some of your settings. You have a BEAUTIFUL family. Your toddler son is SOOOO cute! Anyways, I live in Arizona with my husband and sell homes for a home builder out here. I love it. I was hoping you might have some contact info or let me know how Jared's doing. I haven't talked to him for years. Anyways, thanks Lena.
Tiffany Checketts (Potts)

Lena Baron said...
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