Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hair Cuts and House Dreaming

Leif and I cut each others hair the other night. His was just the normal short look. I pulled mine back in a ponytail just at the neckline and let Leif cut it off. He cut about 3 or 4 inches off. I did some layers in the back and I Love It! It's off my neck and really easy to fix. It's cute too. Fun!:)

Coming back to the barn has been bitter sweet. While on vacation we spent the majority of the time staying in places that had at least two rooms, a dishwasher, and a washer and dryer. I WAS SPOILED! Now I'm trying to adjust to the humble life again.

Caleb is a sleep on my bed in his bassinet with blankets wrapped along the edge pushed up against his ears so he can sleep through the family commotion. Sometimes I put him in Jakob's room (I've brought all the toys out of the bedroom, they're in the living room now.) But then I have no where to put Jakob in time out, and if he's not in time out he always finds one reason or another to go into the room Just as Caleb's fallen asleep. Crazy!

I had Leif look at four bedroom two bath houses in Missouri last night. He pulled up at least 7 and they were all just what I was looking for and the price range was between $30-80,000. Can you believe that!!?? We might have to go with a three bedroom. But a four bedroom would be ideal. We would have a separate office and we could fit in it indefinitely. We will grow out of a 3 bedroom. So we'll have to see what happens. There's no chance of moving within the next six months anyway.... DREAMING...

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Heidi Hamilton said...

Where's the pics of your new haircuts? I loved your trip pictures - especially the one with your hubby & little by asleep in the car and you with your boys in the rocking chair. precious. Hey - could you ask Heather if I could see her blog? Cindy especially would love to see pics of her little ones. Take care!

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