Friday, June 20, 2008

Life, Work, and Summer Fun!

Have you ever had to put a towel over the dishes in you kitchen sink to stifle the stench until you can wash them? :) I am shamed to admit that I have to do that more often then it should be. Dishes are one of my worst enemies for some reason. No we do not have a dishwasher! But there are people out there with a dozen children and not automatic dishwasher. MADDNESS!! :) I should be able to keep up on our little families dishes. Paper and Plastic! That is my answer.

Well, it's summer and that mean that the beautiful sunshine is in full swing. Our kind air conditioners are working their bests to keep us cool (we have two window units for our studio apartment) They work as long as we don't use the stove for dinner. So we use our "Summer Kitchen" the barbecue. We eat a whole lot of yummy tinfoil dinners. And toasted marshmallows for dessert.

Leif is out of school for the summer. So he gets to work at home with ITV ( and will be working in SG from next week on painting addresses on sidewalks. He will have all of his classes online this coming fall semester. So it will be nice to have him around. Even though he will still be Very Busy! But we're moving forward in life and that feels good!

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