Friday, June 27, 2008


Do you ever wonder when the waiting game of life will just settle down? I don't think it ever will... Wait for someone to marry, wait for the new baby, wait for the college degree, wait for the good job, wait for the new house, wait for the kids to grow up, wait for retirement, wait for the mission, wait for grandchildren, wait, wait, wait....

Maybe that's why the best advise in life is simply to just Live It and Enjoy the Moment! Sometimes I get caught up in what I want to happen Next and I stop enjoying what is happening Now! Leif and I know first hand how life can take sudden turns over night. It amazes me how we could go through something so momentous as losing our daughters yet I still struggle with appreciating what I have at the present moment.

I have to stop many times and remind myself that life is NEVER easy. There is always something that is put in our path to teach us something. But, it could always be worse. I could have the trials that my neighbors and family are struggling with... I learned that I only want MY trials! They are custom made:)

I'm babbling... We're doing fine. Just strapped financially. It seems that when money gets tight everything seems tight including the walls of our home and the borders of the tiny town that we live in. But then I wake up and I see the blessing all around me! Our little family, our extended family, the cottage we live in, the beauty around us, the gospel, and so much more!

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Heidi Hamilton said...

SO true. I honestly have to F-O-R-C-E myself to not be thinking about the next 10 things I need to do and FULLY give my attention to my little ones.

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